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New Levers!

Proud owner of the only 2 Londinium 2 group lever espresso machines in the US!  I have long been an admirer of the espresso produced by the old lever machines.  The consistency of pressure exerted on the coffee and the consistency of heat plus simplicity has always been attractive.  The only problem has been the availability of good machines.  Reiss Gunson in the UK, dissatisfied with the crop of Italian made levers, went about creating the Londinium, first a single group and now the 2 group you see in the photo above.  No more tin boilers and problems with barista...

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New Innovations and Coffee

I thought I would try to update the blog more often and to make it easier, keep the postings short and snappy.  So in the last few weeks, we have introduced new espresso grinders from Compak, and a great new French Press with double wall stainless steel.  These french presses, known as Cafetieres from where I hail, are simply the best I have ever used.  The double wall filter really prevents the inevitable finer grinds from getting into the final pour and the double wall allows a more leisurely appreciation whilst remaining hot.  The cup is cleaner and the flavor...

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