New Innovations and Coffee

I thought I would try to update the blog more often and to make it easier, keep the postings short and snappy.  So in the last few weeks, we have introduced new espresso grinders from Compak, and a great new French Press with double wall stainless steel.  These french presses, known as Cafetieres from where I hail, are simply the best I have ever used.  The double wall filter really prevents the inevitable finer grinds from getting into the final pour and the double wall allows a more leisurely appreciation whilst remaining hot.  The cup is cleaner and the flavor seems more discernible.  Those who have been in to sample them have been delighted with their experience.

The new lever espresso machines are supposed to arrive tomorrow finally!  This has been a lesson in patience, as our original order was completed nearly 6 weeks ago.  No doubt I will be posting again with photos when they are finally installed - the plan is to introduce Fort Worth first, thus allowing a slightly less busy environment for training.

By the way, we have 2 new coffees.  The Sumatran Lintong has just been introduced in Grapevine and the Ugandan Kapchowra will be roasted sometime this week once I have done some essential maintenance on the roaster - Thanksgiving day is roaster chimney cleaning day for me every year.  I'll try to keep you posted on all our innovations as they happen.

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