Peru Chanchamaya Top French Press Coffee

Peru Chanchamaya ranked among best French Press Coffees! We are excited to report this independent ranking of our Peru coffee as one of the best French Press coffees in the US.  It is no surprise that one of our long time favorites has earned this accolade - if you haven't tried it and have a french press hanging around at home - it is available on our online store.  Enjoy!

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Espresso Turned Sour

In recent years, it has become the trend here in the US to roast coffee to a much lighter level.  This trend was first established around the 2005 World Barista Championship, when the winner that year moved away from the more traditional espresso roasts provided by companies such as Illy and opted for one of these lighter and more acidic brews.  Since then, what has become known as the 3rd Wave of coffee has focused almost exclusively on this innovation.  Personally, as a coffee roaster of more than 10 years and an espresso geek over more than 35 years, I...

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New Versions of Old Favorites

Following my last post, the project to engage an even more scientific approach to all our coffee roasting has borne some wonderful results.  I have recently been enjoying some really great cups from our Huila Colombian, the Strong Tower El Salvador and the exquisite fruit forward Misty Valley.  Many of the other roasts have yielded surprising enhancements to the flavors, but these 3 are outstanding.  The inherent flavors and acidity of the bean are more striking and I encourage you to try a French Press of any of our current selection, the taste profiles are providing revisits almost akin to...

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Coffee Roasting Revolution

So, following an exceptionally informative and inspiring time away in California studying the science of roasting, I have returned to embark upon a major project.  I am re-visiting all our coffee roast profiles to determine how we can enhance the flavor profile of each bean by more specifically examining the attributes of each bean, varietal, elevation, processing method.  So far the results have been very encouraging and I continue to work through sampling, cupping and applying changes to our range of beans from all around the world.  In some cases we may even reject beans that don't meet the higher...

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