New Versions of Old Favorites

New Versions of Old Favorites

Following my last post, the project to engage an even more scientific approach to all our coffee roasting has borne some wonderful results.  I have recently been enjoying some really great cups from our Huila Colombian, the Strong Tower El Salvador and the exquisite fruit forward Misty Valley.  Many of the other roasts have yielded surprising enhancements to the flavors, but these 3 are outstanding.  The inherent flavors and acidity of the bean are more striking and I encourage you to try a French Press of any of our current selection, the taste profiles are providing revisits almost akin to trying new coffees.

I am also sampling a few new coffees from Burundi, India and Rwanda that may make it into our selection in the next few weeks - watch this space and sign up for our newsletter if you wish to hear about any new arrivals.

Happy Coffee Drinking

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