Coffee Roasting Revolution

So, following an exceptionally informative and inspiring time away in California studying the science of roasting, I have returned to embark upon a major project.  I am re-visiting all our coffee roast profiles to determine how we can enhance the flavor profile of each bean by more specifically examining the attributes of each bean, varietal, elevation, processing method.  So far the results have been very encouraging and I continue to work through sampling, cupping and applying changes to our range of beans from all around the world.  In some cases we may even reject beans that don't meet the higher standards applied and I am constantly in search of that great origin that we can bring to all our customers.  This is an exciting time for BG Coffee and I trust that as we share these changes, our customers will also enjoy the 'fruits of our labors'.  As with anything, it is important to continue to learn and develop, never actually satisfied that we have accomplished what we set out to do, but forever looking for improvement.

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