The New Year - A New Look

If you are reading this, then you have found your way to our new and gorgeous website, our brand new online store and a comprehensive overhaul of the way we offer our selection of Artisan Coffee.

First of all, I want to thank and commend our dear friends Courtney and Lindsey Bradford, otherwise known as Telegraph Creative for the wonderful job they have done with our new website.  It truly reflects their knowledge of Buon Giorno, their artistic flair and our desire to offer something that is not 'Corporate' in feel, but innovative and enjoyable.  I believe they have truly hit the spot!

We have also decided to offer our freshly roasted coffee beans both in store and online in a brand new custom designed package.  These gusset bags are 12 oz parcels, sealed for freshness and can be ordered either whole bean or ground to your requirements.  We ship anywhere in the US and even further afield.

I am using the facility of this Journal to bring you up to date with what we have just introduced, but will, in future, be dedicating this page to my musings and thoughts on life, community and the world.  I invite you to subscribe to the Journal and take part in the conversation by using the comments and let us have a meaningful dialog while we sip the delights of a cup of coffee.  

I hope your 2013 is fruitful, engaging and full of life.  I look forward to sharing moments with you either locally in our 2 locations, or online through our conversations and your contributions.

Happy 2013


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I truly love the fresh, clean lines of the new website. It is reflective of an open, warm and inspirational wifi spot to hang and enjoy excellent coffee. I do not live in the area but have tried your excellent coffee and look forward to purchasing more.

Mimi Bradford

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