Why We Need To Continue To Improve

If you are already successful and people constantly tell us we have the best espresso around, why change anything?  Well, the short answer is that we don't have to.  However, though we take great pride in maintaining age old traditions when it comes to making espresso, it doesn't mean we can't reach for even higher standards of excellence.  Over the past few months I have been asking myself the question, where are the weaknesses in our quest for excellence?  As a result, I have been working on a number of projects and  additions that I believe will take us to a completely new level in coffee excellence.  My main focus has been our signature espresso shot, but I am always keen to improve every area of what we do.

As a result of these deliberations, we have introduced a new tamper at Grapevine to create greater consistency, and we are trialling a brand new French Press which keeps the pressed coffee hot for up to an hour after it has brewed and uses a micro mesh filter to diminish grounds contamination.  Being able to linger over the consumption of a great tasting coffee is something that is not possible with traditional French Press pots, but the simple technology is available and we are looking in to the possibilities of bringing this to our customers.

In addition to this, we are in the process of making a much bigger step towards even greater excellence in our espresso through the purchase of a unique espresso machine for both of our locations.  I am not going to give too much away, but it has much in common with the old lever espresso machines which use mechanics rather than pressure to 'pull' the shot but in the case of the machines we are looking at, they create a measure of consistency in terms of temperature and pressure that are difficult to replicate in most modern machines.

And then, next year, I am seriously looking at expanding our ability to roast coffee.  We want to be able to produce more coffee which means larger batches.  It is amazing that we have been able to cope with our 12 Kilo machine in store at Grapevine with the volumes that our customers consume, but it is becoming clear that we can make a leap into a completely different level and provide so many more people with our coffee that it is time to consider this option.  We are also going to make such an investment count and are looking at some of the very best roasters available to make sure that we not only retain our taste standards, but that we seek to exceed the cleanness, aromas and overall taste of every cup.  So bear with us as we upgrade and improve.  I don't think we can ever be satisfied with what we are doing and I certainly don't want to rest on my laurels when there is more to explore, more to improve and more coffee to be drunk!

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Dear Proprietor,

Thank you for bringing amazing coffee to DFW. I’ve visited both your Grapevine and Fort Worth location. Each time, the coffee was easily the best I’ve ever had. I live in the Deep Ellum area and none of the coffee shops (there are 4 within a 5 mile radius) and none of them can compare. Have you thought about expanding to Dallas?

Last night I stopped by the Fort Worth location to pick up a bag of your espresso roast to make my own lattes at home. I had an iced latte this morning and it just rocked my Friday. Thanks for that.

Just wanted to say, thanks for doing all that you do. I dream of your iced coconut milk lattes. They are SO stinkin’ good!



Stefani Nguyen

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