About Us

Leyna and I have been living in Grapevine in the US for six years and we moved over here from Dubai in the Middle East with our 3 boys. We originally come from the UK, but have now settled here in Texas after my job brought us here in 2000. Apart from completing the job of parenting our sons, I also traveled extensively with my job and perhaps like many of you who are reading this, had dreamt of having my own business.

When I was 18, I hitch hiked across Europe from my home, at that time, in the Netherlands and after many adventures, made it to Italy as far as Rome. As soon as I arrived in Italy, I discovered Italian espresso for the first time. I was smitten, and decided that from that moment on, I was going to seek to reproduce this incredible delight. Well one thing led to another.  During many years in the corporate world and living in a number of different places, I had never lost my determination to reproduce that taste of so many years ago. This lead to multiple espresso machines and eventually home roasting, as I just wasn't satisfied with the stale lifeless taste or over-roasted burnt offering of most of the coffee I purchased.

Buon Giorno Coffee is the culmination of a dream, a love for coffee, a desire to present a destination for people to meet, and to share the result of this life long quest. I have expanded from espresso to create many blends and also spend much of my time researching and roasting many single origin coffees from around the world that have caught my attention. Whether it is the gentle acidity of the Central Americans, the well rounded South Americans, wild Africans or deep earthy Asian coffees, there is something for everyone, and all the products on our site are either available immediately or within a couple of days.  I and my staff carefully roast each batch using unique roast profiles for each bean.  I hope you enjoy the result as much as I do.

Best Wishes

David Clarke