Brewing Methods

    The premier brewing method.  
    1. Coursely grind 2 Tb. (30g) of coffee per 6oz water. Depending on desired strength.
    2. Prepare near boiling water (200° F).
    3. Add the coffee to the bottom of the empty french press. Steadily pour hot water over grounds, making sure to throughly saturate all of the coffee.

      Cover with lid, but do not depress. Allow the coffee to steep for four minutes.
    4. Press down the filter. Enjoy!
    Illustrations by Ainsley Wieland
    1. Using a medium grind for standard drip filter brewing, grind 1 Tb. (15g) of coffee per 1 c. (8oz) water. Pour grounds into a fresh paper filter.
    2. Slowly douse a small amount of nearly boiling water (200° F) over the coffee grounds, just enough to wet them without floating. Here, the coffee begins to bloom, allow it to rest for about thirty seconds.
    3. Continue soaking the grounds with a steady pour, careful to keep the water level well below the top of the coffeemaker. Once desired measure of water has been poured and coffee brewed, discard filter.
    4. Best enjoyed with friends.
    Illustrations by Ainsley Wieland
    1. Fill up the bottom piece just below the safety valve with (preferably filtered) water; remember, too much water or too little coffee will result in a weaker brew.
    2. Fill the basket with 2 Tb. – 3 Tb. (30-45g) finely ground coffee (use “espressso” setting) and lightly tap, but do not pack; remember, freshly ground beans provide a much more richly flavored espresso-like brew.
    3. Attach the top of the coffee maker and place it on your gas or electric stovetop, ideally on a small burner with a medium-high flame. The burner should just encompass the bottom of the Bialetti machine---too large a flame boils the water too quickly (and inconvienently heats the plastic handle) and too small a flame muddles the clarity of the espresso.

      Remove the Bialetti from the burner as soon as you hear gurgling, much like the hissing of a tea kettle this is an indication that brewing is complete.
    4. Pour immediately and wait for it to cool sufficiently to drink.
    Illustrations by Ainsley Wieland
    1. Grind enough *Buon Giorno’s Italian Espresso* to fill the portafilter & swipe away excess. The grind should be fine (almost powder-like), but still gritty. The suggested ammount of coffee for a double shot is typically 14 - 18 grams (about 1 Tb.), depending on your espresso machine and personal preference. Pro tip: Anytime you purchase Buon Giorno coffeee beans, we’re more than happy to grind them however you’d like.
    2. Now it’s time to “tamp” or pack the espresso. Tamping ensures uniformity of extraction by leveling and packing the grounds for equal, consistent water contact as it is forced through the coffee. The recommended tamp method is to hold your elbow at 90 degrees, rest your portafilter on a level surface and then apply 30 − 35 lbs of pressure until the coffee has an even and polished look.

    3. Insert in espresso machine and pull 2 oz for doppio and 1 oz for ristretto. If the ammount of coffee, grind and tamp are ideal, the first part of the brew will be dark, then turn into a golden brown/foamy mixture (the crema) that flows into the cup in a thin, curly stream that is just strong enough to hold together.

      The target brewing time is somewhere between 20 - 30 seconds, so if you're running too long or too short, check your grind, ammount, and tamp, then adjust accordingly. If your shots are pouring unevenly from both spouts, your tamp needs to be more even.

      You want to create a fine golden crema atop a rich dark brew that tastes sweet and smooth.
    4. It’s amore!
    Illustrations by Ainsley Wieland