Buon Giorno Coffee is significantly influenced by the long tradition of coffee houses in Europe. One of our biggest concerns in this age of social networking and fast paced technology driven lifestyles is the danger of losing our human connection.

Coffee was the original catalyst over hundreds of years in the past for creating a place for people to meet, connect, and converse face to face. In the ‘old days’ politics, religion and philosophy were pillars of the coffee culture and an environment of creative thought was often fostered without effort simply in ‘the place where we meet’.

At Buon Giorno, you are welcome to join our community, to choose to buy our coffee, and hopefully spend time at one of our locations. But we will never try to sell to you, or allow our ‘virtual space’ to be used by anyone else to advertise to you. Your choice, and we hope you will come and share with us so we can get to know you.