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New Versions of Old Favorites

Following my last post, the project to engage an even more scientific approach to all our coffee roasting has borne some wonderful results.  I have recently been enjoying some really great cups from our Huila Colombian, the Strong Tower El Salvador and the exquisite fruit forward Misty Valley.  Many of the other roasts have yielded surprising enhancements to the flavors, but these 3 are outstanding.  The inherent flavors and acidity of the bean are more striking and I encourage you to try a French Press of any of our current selection, the taste profiles are providing revisits almost akin to...

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Coffee Roasting Revolution

So, following an exceptionally informative and inspiring time away in California studying the science of roasting, I have returned to embark upon a major project.  I am re-visiting all our coffee roast profiles to determine how we can enhance the flavor profile of each bean by more specifically examining the attributes of each bean, varietal, elevation, processing method.  So far the results have been very encouraging and I continue to work through sampling, cupping and applying changes to our range of beans from all around the world.  In some cases we may even reject beans that don't meet the higher...

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New Coffees From Africa and Asia

I have spent quite a bit of time recently sample roasting some new coffees.  Of the 10 coffees I have tried, there are 2 that stand out and I am excited to have introduced both to our selection this week.  The Lahamenegu from Papua New Guinea is a bright fruit forward and acidic coffee with a great clean cup.  The Misty Valley from Ethiopia is a sun dried Yirgacheffe.  It has a berry and citrus fruit with some sweet tobacco and cinnamon.  It is a little more expensive than most of our coffees, but is really delicious and worth the...

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New Levers!

Proud owner of the only 2 Londinium 2 group lever espresso machines in the US!  I have long been an admirer of the espresso produced by the old lever machines.  The consistency of pressure exerted on the coffee and the consistency of heat plus simplicity has always been attractive.  The only problem has been the availability of good machines.  Reiss Gunson in the UK, dissatisfied with the crop of Italian made levers, went about creating the Londinium, first a single group and now the 2 group you see in the photo above.  No more tin boilers and problems with barista...

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