No More Live Music

The following is an extract from a letter I wrote to the musicians we have had to inform there will be no more live music at Buon Giorno Coffee.  Please understand that I think musicians and songwriters should benefit from others who make money from playing their songs.  That is not what was happening at Buon Giorno, and it wouldn't be so bad if the money actually went equitably to those it belongs to.   "Yesterday I received a threatening letter from one of the three music licensing companies telling me that I would be sued unless I pay a...

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Buy Or Sell - The Great Manipulation

So the time to move on from announcing our new website came upon us and I decided it was time to start posting entries on the Buon Giorno Coffee Journal.  What to say?  How to begin?  Will anyone read it?  How broad is my remit?  All these questions have somewhat aided the lethargy of procrastination over this first real post.  I have plenty to say, and I believe some interesting perspectives.  No doubt, not all will agree, which is partly the point of this post.  Please feel free to comment and express yourselves, my only plea is that you keep...

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The New Year - A New Look

If you are reading this, then you have found your way to our new and gorgeous website, our brand new online store and a comprehensive overhaul of the way we offer our selection of Artisan Coffee. First of all, I want to thank and commend our dear friends Courtney and Lindsey Bradford, otherwise known as Telegraph Creative for the wonderful job they have done with our new website.  It truly reflects their knowledge of Buon Giorno, their artistic flair and our desire to offer something that is not 'Corporate' in feel, but innovative and enjoyable.  I believe they have truly...

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Unfair Fair Trade

I have decided to speak up about something that is close to my heart for obvious reasons, and because I continually come across so much misinformation on the subject. I am also disturbed by the marketing hype that seems to allow lazy consumers to feel good about buying something that is not necessarily what it purports to be.   Fair Trade - is it fair?  There really isn't an easy answer to this, but I would like to give those who are interested at least a little more information on the other less well researched side of this subject.  Don't get...

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